Application for Program

In order to apply for admission into "Listen into Life" Residential Program in Spiritual Direction, it is necessary to furnish the Program Director with:

  1. Spiritual autobiography indicating the pattern of development in the candidate's spiritual life and present sense of God using the 'Life History' document as a guide. (Appendix 8).
    A guide to writing this autobiography is available via this link.
  2. Statement demonstrating how you meet the following program prerequisites:
    a. capacity to listen empathetically and sensitively
    b. sufficient life experience to respond with wisdom to people from different walks of life and with different levels of experience
    c. an openness to learning from your own and others' experience
    d. mature Christian faith and a respect for all Christian traditions and other faiths
    e. a love of and commitment to prayer
    f. receiving spiritual direction for a period of time
    g. exploring a sense of call and giftedness to the ministry of spiritual direction
  3. Brief statement indicating the reasons for undertaking the course.
  4. A letter of recommendation from the candidate's Spiritual Director and/or Minister/Pastor/Priest
  5. Completed applicatoin form plus a registration fee of $50 that is non-refundable but will be deducted from the tuition fee for the current year.

Please send application to Suzanne Dunbar (Address below)

Sue Dunbar is having surgery and then will be in rehabilitation for up to 8 weeks.
Please direct queries and send your application to Liz Palmer (email: & mobile: 0411 232 533)

Requirements & Application Form


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Peer Supervision

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Costs in 2018

The tuition fee and accommodation cost (full board) for 2018 is $2,400.00
Our treasurer, Liz Palmer, will invoice you for this.

The invoice may be paid in several ways:
* full payment prior to the 1st weekend
* in two instalments prior to the 1st and 3rd weekends
*in four instalments prior to each weekend

Cheques should be made payable to: "Residential Program in Spiritual Direction"
Direct deposit is also available - details on the invoice.

There is limited fee help available - please contact Sue Dunbar for more details.

It cannot be emphasised enough that students applying for the Program must be able to attend all the designated weekends.

Suzanne Dunbar BSc DipEd MA spirituality
Director of the Program
Director Barnabas Ministries Inc.

Address: Barnabas Ministries Inc, PO Box 3177, Manuka ACT 2603



Prerequisites for the Program

There are a number of desirable prerequisites for the program.
It is recommended that those applying for the program show some evidence of the following:

As well as these prerequisites, it is expected that during the four years of the program that participants will:

It is also strongly encouraged that













Application form (pdf format)