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Accommodation and Tuition:

The program will be run at:

St Joseph's Spirituality and Education Centre
8 Humphreys Road
Kincumber South NSW 2251

Ph: 02 4368 2805, Fax: 02 4368 3849
Office Hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Mon-Fri
email: sjsaec@bigpond.net.au
web: www.stjosephsretreat.org.au

Details of how to get to Kincumber can be found on their website.

The tuition fee and accommodation cost (full board) for 2018 is $2,400.00
Our treasurer, Liz Palmer, will invoice you for this.

The invoice may be paid in several ways:
* full payment prior to the 1st weekend
* in two instalments prior to the 1st and 3rd weekends
*in four instalments prior to each weekend.

Cheques should be made payable to: "Residential Program in Spiritual Direction"

It is also possible to pay by direct deposit. Bank account details are provided on the invoices.

Send tuition and accommodation fees to:

The Treasurer (Mrs Elizabeth Palmer)
Residential Program in Spiritual Direction
PO Box 158
Dubbo NSW 2830


As you are aware it is important that you attend all weekends. Liz Palmer keeps a record of attendance. If exceptional circumstances arise which means that you miss a weekend, you must discuss this with the Program Director ( 0423 726 812 - suedunbar53@yahoo.com) and also inform Liz (0411 232 533 - sdmail194@gmail.com). If you miss more than one weekend in a year, you must repeat the year.








Typical Timetable


5.30 Arrive/Drinks
6.30 Dinner
7.15 Direction in Quads
9.00 Evening Prayer
followed by Program
Team meeting pt 1


8.45 Morning Prayer (theme of history unit)
9.30 Input
1.00 Lunch
Free time
4.00 Direction in Quads
6.00 Dinner
7.00 Peer Group
9.00 Evening Prayer



8.00 Program Team meeting pt 2
8.45 Eucharist
9.30 Input
1.00 Lunch and Depart





Remember that you must attend all quad meetings so it is imperative that you arrive on Friday evening in time for the quads.
If you will not be there for dinner on Friday evening please inform the staff at St Joseph's beforehand.