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Peer Supervision provides all third and fourth year participants who have discerned that they are called to the ministry of spiritual direction with professional development of the knowledge of themselves as a spiritual director and how this affects the dynamics of their direction relationship.

To achieve this:

- The director will organize at least 8 sessions each year with a directee

- The consent of the directee will need to be sighted by the group supervisor

- A ‘Supervision Log’ of all 8 sessions will be submitted to the group supervisor

- These sessions will need to be recorded and a full transcript verbatim of a 10 minutes segment be prepared for four of the sessions

- Personal notes on the reasons for the selection of the session and issues raised for the director, together with the verbatim, will be forwarded to the group supervisor, one week prior to the residential

- Additional copies will be brought to the residential and distributed to members of their group on Friday evening.

- There will be an opportunity to present and discuss at least two session verbatims and comments each year in the group setting

- After the presentation all copies of the transcript and return to the director-in-training who then destroys them.