Direction & Therapy: some differences

It should be noted that there are distinctions between spiritual direction and therapeutic relationships. Therapy and counselling deal primarily with problem areas of one's life and attempt to bring healthy resolution to issues. Spiritual direction is concerned with finding and responding to God (in the midst of pain or disorder as well as in the rest of life). Problem or issue solving is not the primary focus of direction.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction, sometimes referred to as spiritual guidance or spiritual friendship, is an ongoing relationship in which one person (the directee), wanting to attend seriously to his/her spiritual life, meets with another person (the director) on a regular basis (approximately once a month), specifically for the purpose of becoming more attuned to God's Presence in order to respond more fully to that Presence in all of life. The primary focus of the session is the directee's relationship with God as it is reflected and challenged by all aspects of that person's life.

The directee assumes responsibility for his or her life with God. This means that the person coming for direction is trying to be serious about some form of intentional prayer and reflection on the awareness of God in every day life and prayer. During the meeting of about one hour, director and directee seek to enter a prayerful atmosphere where together they can be attentive to the Holy Spirit who is, in fact, the Real Director.

The director may question, challenge, suggest or support as seems called for by the Spirit, but ultimately the directee must own whatever insights are uncovered or course of action is to be taken. It is assumed that the directee has begun a journey with God long before he or she comes into direction. Also this intentional journey will continue long after leaving a particular director. The director is only a facilitator in the process. The directee must claim the journey.


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